VIP. How to Create Genius

VIP. How to Create Genius

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Welcome to the Effortless English Show with the world’s number one English
teacher, A. J. Hoge, where A. J.’s more than forty million students worldwide finally
learn English once in for all, who left the boring textbooks, classrooms and
grammar drills. Here’s A. J. with a quick piece to help you to speak fluent English

 The Effortless English Show. Today's topic how to be a genius. How to be a genius.
How to raise a genius. How to make your child a genius. Genius. What does genius
mean? When we think of genius, we think of Einstein, we think of Mozart. A genius
is someone who has an incredible intelligence, or talent for something. We can
even think of business genius, such as Richard Branson, the guy who created the
Virgin Company, who was a millionaire when he was 19 years old.
Genius. Now, we have this idea that genius is something that is genetic, like you're
born with it, but in today’s show were going to discuss a different view that genius
can be learned, created. Go to for a free text transcript of
this show. Get the free transcript and join my power
English course…

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