VIP. True Education

VIP. True Education

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Welcome to the Effortless English Show with the world's number one English teacher, AJ
Hoge, where AJ's more than 40 million students worldwide finally learn English once and
for all, without the boring textbooks, classrooms and grammar drills. Here's AJ with a
quick piece to help you learn to speak fluent English, effortlessly.

Hi I'm AJ Hoge and welcome to the Effortless English Show. Today's topic, True
Education. Real education, how do you do it? How do you get or how do you create your
own true education? What is true education? What is fake education? We'll talk about
all of those and we'll be talking about a book I'm reading now by a man named Louis
L'Amour. Very, very interesting man. Louis L'Amour was a writer, he wrote I think
hundreds of books. Most of his books were about the old West in America, cowboys and
Indians and things like that, great stories. He wrote a fantastic book called "The Walking
Drum," one of my favorite books. It's about the Middle Ages time period. I can't
remember the exact time of that story but it's about a man in Spain who travels across
Europe during the Middle Ages, really interesting book. He's a good writer. He's dead
now but he was a good writer and a very, very interesting man in his private life…

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