VIP. Best Education

VIP. Best Education

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Welcome to the Effortless English show with the world's number one English teacher AJ Hoge, where AJ's more than 40 million students worldwide finally learn English once and for all without the boring text books, classrooms and grammar drills. Here's AJ with a quick piece to help you learn to speak fluent English effortlessly.

Hello, this is AJ Hoge. Welcome to the Effortless English show. The best education. What is the best education? In yesterday’s show we talked about true education compared to fake education, which is school education. I want to continue that discussion today and talk about how do you create the best education for yourself. What is the best education? How do you do it? What is included? First of all, true education equals self-education. It’s active learning. Active learning, that’s the first key foundation of true education. The best education is active, selflearning, self-education. It means you are the boss of your own education. You decide what to learn and what to do. That is the key point. Speak English powerfully and fluently at an advanced level. Join my VIP program at Add the pronunciation course too. Speak with a perfect American accent.…

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