VIP. Importance Of English

VIP. Importance Of English

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Welcome to the Effortless English show with the world's number one English teacher, AJ
Hoge, where AJ's more than 40 million students worldwide finally learn English once and
for all without the boring textbooks, classrooms, and grammar drills. Here's AJ with a
quick piece to help you learn to speak fluent English effortlessly.

Hello, this is AJ and welcome to the Effortless English show. The importance of English.
That's our topic today. The importance of English. You know that English is important.
Of course you know English is important, but let's think about this a little more. Why
English is so important for your life? I think people get distracted. They forget
sometimes, especially younger people, younger students. They're forced to learn English
usually, they're pushed to do it by parents, by the school system, and after several years
in the schools with all the textbooks and grades and grammar rules, ugh. It's easy to
forget the reason, or reasons for learning English. That outside of school there are very,
very powerful, strong reasons to master English. Speaking, listening, and yes even
reading and writing. Real-world reasons.
This is the problem in school. They don't connect the English to the real world and so
people get bored with English. They start to hate English because the English in the
schools is so terrible and the methods are so terrible and the results are so terrible. The
students, they get bored with English, they get tired of English, they start to hate
English. They forget why they're even learning English. They forget why they're doing it.
Let's talk about it…

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