VIP. Join The Top 1% Of The Best People

VIP. Join The Top 1% Of The Best People

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Welcome to the Effortless English Show with the world's number one English teacher, AJ
Hoge, where AJ's more than 40 million students worldwide finally learned English once
and for all without the boring textbooks, classrooms and grammar drills. Here's AJ with a
quick piece to help you learn to speak fluent English effortlessly.

Effortless English Show. Hello, I'm AJ Hoge, the author of Effortless English: Learn to
Speak English Like A Native. You, how do you become one of the top 0.1% of English
speakers, top 0.1%? That's right. You. If you are in the top 1%, if you are the top 1%, it
means that in 100 people, you are number one. In the top 0.1%, it means in a group of
1,000 people, 1,000 English speakers, you are number one. You're number one out of
1,000. It's even better, even higher.
You can do it. You can certainly with Effortless English be one of the top 0.1% of English
speakers in the world. In fact, I have a program for the top 0.1%. It's called the VIP
program. Join my VIP program at,,
VIP program. Be one of the top 0.1% of English speakers…

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